Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Education and Public Freedom in Kuwait

Hundreds meet early Wednesday to file a law suit against Jamiyat Al-Islah and MP Abdul Samad at the Justice Palace

Hundreds angry Kuwaiti citizens, including students, parents, and professionals in the public and private sectors in Kuwait agreed to meet early Wednesday to file a law suit against MP Abdul Samad and Jamiyat Al-Islah (Muslim Brotherhood) at the Justice Palace.

The agreement on this action was announced at the end of a Symposium titled, Education and Public Freedom, organized by the National Democratic Alliance, and was held at the Graduates Society, yesterday.

The event expressed strong anger against Jamiyat Al-Islah that represents Muslim Brotherhood Party in Kuwait for issuing and publishing an abusive statement against innocent citizens.

The statement by MB, which was published in main Kuwaiti Arabic dailies on Saturday, lashed out at citizens who supported mixed classes in universities and private schools, and accused them of being the source of corruption in the country by encouraging sexual sins and serious sexual diseases through mixed educational institutions in Kuwait!

Moreover, the conference announced agreement on fling another law suit against MP Abdul Samad for his support to terrorists, like Mughnia, a Lebanese Hizb Allah leader who committed two major acts of terrorism against Kuwait in the 1980s.

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