Saturday, April 30, 2005

Trying to Use A Blog Differently!

Afer Vance's virtual session earlier this morning at Qatar QETN Conference, I decided to craete this blog with a new name and password away from my other blogs for my students. I plan to have this one as my free cyberzone where I write anything without restrictions. In other words, to make it my e-diary or journal. I'll post events that really impress me and might comment on them or just reprot and document them here for inspirational purposes. I might write feedback or just post images or screen shots that help me express thoughts on anything I like. And of course all related to my profession of teaching English as a Foreign Language, (EFL), or Teaching English for Speakers of other Languages, (TESOL) the same thing.

Moreover, I'll be posting links to websites or webpages I really like and want to visit back every now and then. Hope things work easier for me on this blog as I'm still struggling with some related issues that puzzled me and still do. For example, why my profile is shown on my blogs under my picture while other people's profiles are not show on their blogs. I just see a picture of a blog owner for instance and his/her bio or profile can be viewed when I click on About Me! Funny, isn't it?

I'm sure I'll find out soon especially that I'm not in a hurry to learn that specific detail now. The point is to blog and I'm actually doing it..

I can say and ask now: I blog, what about you?

Enough for today...Later, :-)