Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Crime Act Commtied by Muslem Brotherhood's in Kuwait

During his meeting with representatives of various groups of Kuwaiti people, including Women and Professional Societies, parents, students, professionals, and individuals, Sabah Al-Mousa, an Interior Security Official announced -(listen Al-Mousa's announcement via the video above)- that "according to Kuwaiti laws, the statement published by "Jamiat Al-Islah Al-Ijtemaei" Society on February 18, 2008 is illegal and confirmed to be an act of crime". "Consequently",Al-Mousa added, "the case reported against "Jamiat Al-Islah Al-Ijtemaei", by the protesters available in AlRawdha police station has been accepted and validated as a felony.

Al-Mousa informed the protesters that they have the right to file a lawsuit against "Jamiat Al-Islah Al-Ijtemaei" Society that represents Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait. Protesters can now start filing a lawsuit through legal measurements and procedures, Al-Mousa confirmed.

Al-Mousa and other officials from the Interior Security arrived at AlRawdha police station after groups of Kuwaiti people, including parents, students, professionals, individuals, and representatives of Women and Professional Societies in the country have gathered at the police station to report a complaint or file a lawsuit against the abusive statement published by "Jaiat Al-Islah Al-Ijtemaei" Society that is located in the area of AlRawdha. The illegal, abusive statement that was published late yesterday, attacked and accused all supporters of mixed education in private and public schools, colleges, and universities in Kuwait of being "evil for supporting sexual sins, and corruption in the Kuwaiti society".

Kuwaiti media, including the the 5 dailies and Al-Watan TV were present at AlRawdha police station but were not allowed to take photo shots or videos of the protesters or the meeting between Al-Mansour and representatives of Kuwaiti people that took place inside the police station, however.

I am greatly appreciative to Al-Mousa for granting me his permission to publish the video I took of part of the meeting inside the police station . A direct link to the video can be found at

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Michael said...

Hello Buth. This is a very interesting episode. (BTW can you add subtitles in English? I am going to listen again just to see if I can recognise any words!)

Let's remember that this kind of excessive zeal on the part of religious groups can happen anywhere. The following happened three days ago in Naples, Italy:

A 39-year-old woman had an abortion at the main Policlinico hospital. The foetus was gravely deformed and the operation was within the legal time limit of 25 weeks. Yet an anonymous tip-off led to a police raid on the hospital which led to the woman being intensively questioned (in her hospital bed) with several neighbouring patients being questioned as well. The surgeon who carried out the operation was briefly detained. This in turn led to nationwide protests by Italian women. The Ministry of Justice has now opened an inquiry into the police raid which may lead to a charge of "abuso d'ufficio" (abuse of authority.) The abortion law no. 194 was passed in 1978 but has been challenged many times since then. Italians will say that this happens because we share territory with the Vatican City. Let's see what happens.

Buthaina Alothman said...

Mike, but Kuwait doesn't share territory with Mecca, KSA :)

But I see your point and agree on that all or both extremist religious groups, Christian and Muslim actually carry the same ideas, way of thinking, and thoughts on life and societies; both of them think that they are superior to other people who don't share with them the same ideas. These groups, at least I know those in Kuwait do deny freedom of speech and choice for anybody who doesn't agree with them. They, for example, look down upon any woman who is unveiled, and would easily describe anyone who is against them as a "Kafer" that is a non-believer!

BtW, I really thought about adding subtitles in English, but I don't have time at the moment; I'll try to do when I'm less busy though.