Saturday, August 20, 2005

Water Melon Via Mobile then to Flickr

Originally uploaded by Buthaina al-Othman.

The photo of the water melon dish you see is my first test post using my mobile camera and Flickr. Flickr has made it so easy now. I was actually having some water water melon you see in the image, while reading the note regarding Moblogging at Flickr. So, I took this photo using my cell-phone, posted to the email provided to me by Flickr, and then selected the blog where I wanted this photo published, and here you go. I know we can do something similar at, however, Flickr allows to choose which blog you want your "mophotos" published, buzznet restrict you to publish them on your buzznet.photoblog only. Hope we could post mobile videos via Flickr, as well; wonder if this is possible, in the future?

Thanks Flickr, :-)

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