Friday, August 19, 2005

Redefining the Term "Hacker"

Today, while I was browsing a site, I came across a link that took me to Philip Greenspun's Weblog: < >, where I found his interesting article, titled “Business schools redefine hacking to "stuff that a 7-year-old could do”, based on the news story published on the News, at the URL:

Actually, it reminded me of the incident when my site and two of my email accounts were hacked by a student in our department back in Fall 2003. I like what Philip said, (see the quote below), about how the definition of the term hacker in the 1960s changed later in the 1990s.
“In the 1960s the term "hacking" meant smart people developing useful and innovative computer software. In the 1990s the term meant smart evil people developing and running programs to break into computer systems and gain shell access to those systems. Thanks to Harvard Business school the term now means "people of average IQ poking around curiously by editing URLs on public servers and seeing what comes back in the form of directory listings, etc."

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