Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kuwait Parliament 2008: Give Change a Chance, People!

Well, I'm not surprised or shocked by the results of the Kuwait parliamentary elections that were announced finally a short while ago.

As was expected, the same people who prevented reformation plans and change to the better in the country regarding education and health services, especially, have won the elections and will soon be back in the new parliament to resume their negative or destructive practices!

Some friends have blamed the current government for the current problems in the country since it has not tried to implement any of the reformation plans or projects announced earlier. Well, I'd like to ask those friends this question:

How could a 2-year old government start solving critical security, educational, or health problems in the country - that have started about 30 years ago -while working with a parliament that was dominated by Muslim fundamentalists MPs, (representatives of both Muslim Brotherhood's and Salafi movements)?

And now with such results of the parliamentary elections of today, do you expect this 2-year old government to be able to work with yet another parliament that would be probably controlled by representatives of the Salafi movement?

If some of you are happy that Muslim Brotherhood's are not heavily represented in this new parliament, remember that the Salafi's and other conservatives', enemies of change and development, who are even worse than them in terms of pulling the country to the bottom, preventing any kind of innovation, are going to dominate this new parliament.

Hope this new parliament is dissolved soon so that the government can work effectively at least for a year!

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