Saturday, April 12, 2008

Situation in Kuwait Just Before the Storm!

The video you see shows the news item that I received immediately after the strong dust-storm that hit Kuwait City a few hours earlier. The irony is that while this kind of action was taking place somewhere in the country, mother nature disapproved. The interesting part by nature was that showers of rain followed the storm and the political actions, and everything was back to normal and the weather became nice and clear later.

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safianna said...

Greetings Buthaina,

In searching for material for my research on blogging and synchronous learning, I came across your blog. I was fascinated by the recent postings of life and politics in Kuwait. I lived and worked in Kuwait for ten years - taught at the Faculty of Medicine and lived in both Salmiya and later Shuwaikh. The photo of the orange sandstorm brought memories.

I am fascinated with what you are doing in the field of e-learning. I, too, am involved with online learning here at George Mason University - Fairfax VA.

It is rather a small world, isn't it - that in my surfing I should be "reunited" with young colleagues from back in Kuwait.
I'd love to share some of your thoughts on distance learning both at home and internationally.

Enjoyed our "cybermeeting" Anna