Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hi, my name is Ali...
I tried the project of Ms. Wendi in Canada for first time, it was easy to use, interesting, and useful to learn english.
I'll talk about the advantages of this project in points:
1. Communicate with people in other countries.
2. Discover the weakness in your english laguage and work on it.
3. Learn more about another countries and their hestory and cultures.
4. Improve your communication skills by voice chat and typing.
5. After theproject ends you can red and listen to it any time you want. It's really good to know how you did and correct your mistakes.
After I listened to the project, I found that my voice chat is weak (even I didn't understand what I said) and my words was not clear and now am working on it. I hope to improve my voice chat skills to be able to communicate people easily and make them understand what I say.
That's all and thanks :)
Best regards

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Buthaina Al Othman said...

Hi Ali,

Thanks for posting your feedback on the final session of the collaborative Canadian-Kuwaiti project. "The Culture Project", designed by Wendy in Vancouver, Canada, was and interesting and successful one.

I'm glad that you managed to listen to the recording of our final session that took place in the Webheads vOffice, by Elluminate at I'm also happy that you practiced self-criticism; you heard your voice and then noticed the things or the weak side of your performance that needed improvement, and then decided to work on. This is very impressing, Ali. Way to go.

Mind you, this is the beauty of using voice and recording online. It really helps; we can hear ourselves and notice what needed to be fixed; no one tells us.

I think Wendy's students did great; practice for these kinds of activities is very important, and I'm sure that you can do very well next time. Maybe, at our final Skype session with Rita's class in Venezuela, later this week. Remember please that you need to practice, practice, and practice. You could use the sound recorder on your PC to do that, or meet me at Skype so that we can practice together.

Let me know if you want to do that today or tomorrow; try to look for me at YM, MSN, or Skype.

Take care, Ali, and thank you so much for your collaboration.